• Polymineral Formula – Replenish Trace Minerals

Vitaminerals Polymineral Formula is a complete balanced formulation of mineral nutrients that help maintain healthy bodily functions.  This includes the transportation of oxygen, maintaining and/or repairing tissue and bone, promoting growth and helping the nervous system to function.

Keeping a balance level of minerals in every organ, tissue and cell of the human body may be a prominent key to maintaining a healthy existence.

This product includes:

Calcium – Important for bone growth and maintenance

Iron – helps in the production of red blood cells

Phosphorous – protects and strengthen cells, assists in chemical reactions throughout the body

Copper – assists in the formation of red blood cells and tissue

Each tablet provides for:

Calcium500 mg
Iron18 mg
Phosphorus250 mg
Iodine150 mcg
Magnesium400 mg
Zinc30 mg
Selenium200 mcg
Copper2 mg
Manganese4 mg
Chromium200 mcg
Molybdenum200 mcg
Chloride90 mg
Potassium99 mg
Colloidal sulfur10 mg
Boron200 mcg

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Polymineral Formula – Replenish Trace Minerals

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